What is Awakening?

Dr. Rev. Ayse Hogan

What is the Awakening? Some of you are hearing about this for the first time and some of you have heard about it and some of you are in it at some level.

It is happening to many all over the world, many have spoken about or known that a shift is here, an evolutionary and involutionary transformation, a human liberation.  In my own case, I have felt the shift or the transformation coming for a decade, what I didn’t realize until more recently is that we have been in it for some time now…we’re only noticing it more now, but that is a conversation for another day, I could go on all day long about that.

What is the Awakening?

Jesus called it Salvation, Buddha called it the End of Suffering and the Hindu referred to it as the Enlightenment.  Even though someone like myself was aware of it for only a decade, it has been coming for a very long time… in the human sense of the word… as there is no time, and it too is an illusion.

To truly understand the Awakening, you must experience it…even if it’s a little peek behind the veil and once you’ve had a glimpse, you can’t un-sense it, or un-feel it, and you want to know more.  There are some that are afraid of it…let me confidently say… to experience anything but the awakening is what you should be afraid of, it will feel mundane, and depressing simply because you know, deep down there is more to be had on a more conscious level.

In my personal experience, it opens a beautiful hunger in you to be better, to begin to remember more about who and what you are. To reclaim in on a conscious level, and you begin to understand that you’re not the driver, you are the vehicle… you’re not the dancer, you are the dance… you’re not living life, you are life.

There are human forms “waking up” all over the world and there are those that are still asleep.  I say this from a place of grace, honoring everyone where they are in their journey, everything is of course, is as it should be. Once you are awakened at any level, you can never go back to sleep.

Awakening is when each of us realizes or senses or intuitively is aware that this body is nothing more than a form and that each of us is something much more than that…we are formless, in fact we are mostly formless…the tiniest spec of what we are, is this form and the form is temporary, whereas the formless is eternal, immortal, infinite.

Awakening is remembering on some level, however minute, that we’re connected to everything and everyone and that there is no separation, there is only the “I” that is the creator and that we are each a thread off the same cloth, a cell in the same “I”, a thought, a fraction of.  The struggle or challenge is our conditioning for a millennia, that has led us to believe that the I is separate from one another, and that separation has created the world we’re experiencing now and have been experiencing for a long time.

Let’s imagine something together for a moment…allow yourself to imagine that you are sitting in front of your computer, and let’s call you, the Master Programmer.  Let’s also imagine that you can see into your computer effortlessly and can see the motherboard, and all it’s components.  Using this scene…let’s take this on a grander scale…let’s imagine that the motherboard is mother earth…let’s imagine that each component is a form of experience or life on mother earth and let’s imagine that the master programmer is the creator of all…the Master I

If you have allowed yourself to imagine this…then you can surely understand the there is no separate “I”, and that each of components has a role on the mother earth.  There is no separation, there is a cohesive individualism…each component being individual but cohesive with the whole. They must work together to power the program and the computer effectively.  What would it mean, if the components started doing their own thing and not cohesive…what would happen to the program…VIRUS.

When we understand this about ourselves on some level, you are awakened, you are conscious, you don’t have to understand how all the components work and the intricacies of the mechanics of it all, you simply are aware that this form that we are each in, is like an avatar for something much bigger.

Some of you refer to yourselves as he/she/they…especially the word I…but these are pronouns that keep you separate from the whole.  “I” have chosen another set of pronouns…We/Us/”I” …I am you and you are me and whether you believe this or not, it doesn’t change the fact that it is so.  So, when we perform heinous acts upon each other, we are performing them against ourselves and our growth and our transformation, against our salvation.

Now the cool thing is that there is individualism…meaning you have choices and karma, free will to an extent.   We each also have a dysfunction to deal with, a virus to deal with…the ego…and anyone who says that they don’t have this is speaking from their ego. Every human has this virus however, we have some choices.  This virus can lead a person to madness…and don’t say…not me…think about it, self judgement and judgement of others, self preservation, thoughtless acts to others, selfishness, power, control (that is the biggest virus in the virus), separation, segregation, discrimination, class, caste…it’s all madness.   There is no separation on a conscious level, there is no judgement on a conscious level, because there can’t be, it is not possible, there is only grace and honor.

What we live is the ego, the virus, the dysfunction and when we in our individualism are awakened to this fact, this truth, this faith…. as faith is not religion, it is the truth, then you are stepping into salvation, enlightenment, liberation, transformation… awakening. 

We have spent forever it seems focusing on the external world, what we have, what we can control, what we achieve on the outside, how much money we can make, how much we can own, how entitled we can be or how we can live in a state of scarcity…and as our ego binges for more and more…we still feel unfulfilled and unhappy, so we want more.  We always just want more!

Success is not necessarily fulfillment; these two things are not hand in hand…. you can seem successful and be unhappy and unfilled…why is that?  Because you are attempting to satisfy the ego and the ego is never satisfied or has enough…and it never will be. Like a Bulimic it binges and binges and then is unfilled.

Attempting to satisfy the ego is madness, a paranoid delusion, it is truly pathological.  It is a collective mental illness, a virus. It has been called maya by Indian sages, and Dukkha in Buddhism and sin in Christianity…what is sin, dukkha maya?  To sin does not mean what most think it means…it means to miss the mark…to sin means to miss the mark, it means to live unskilled, blindly and to cause suffering and to suffer, to live in misery and to cause others to live in misery.

Ego will trick you again and again to identify with it and tempt you with the madness…and the healing of this is awareness.  Step out of auto pilot where many of us spend 97% our day and step into awareness.  To live in cohesiveness with ego is to be aware of it and know that it is not you but a virus, a dysfunction in the form.  Make your choices through your awareness despite what the ego says.  You can’t battle against the ego, by attempting this will only strengthen it…simply be aware and conscious of it and shine in your inner light.

Where you must focus your awareness on your inner world rather than your external world, it doesn’t matter what you have or don’t have, anyone can access this…that world inside each of us, into our awareness, our consciousness where everything that truly matters resides.  When you step into this world, that is true achievement, fulfillment.  You can step out of sin, out of dukkha, out of maya, out of the madness and into your faith…your truth.

It has and is always there, you simply need to be there, be present.

Ending this gathering of awareness today with a quote from Eckhart Tolle.

You cannot be good by trying to be good, it is by finding that goodness within you and allowing it to emerge and it can only emerge if something fundamental changes in your state of consciousness.

Awareness and consciousness go hand in hand…so now, you have an aware choice to make, do you choose to live unconscious and allow the ego virus to call the shots, or do you choose to be aware of ego and make your decisions consciously, outside the mind and through your inner wisdom.  You are so powerful and without limitation, you are everything and when you can commit that that remembrance, they life will transform around you.

From the word of Dr. Wayne Dyer…when you change your energy, everything around you will change, it must, there is no other option.

Sending Massive Love to all things, thanks for joining this gathering this week and hope to see and hear from you next week.

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