You are what you’re told

You are what you're told

Roisin Bergin, Experienced Kids & Teens Yoga/ Mindset Teacher

When we find the opportunities to praise our children, to see them for who they truly are, to be able to separate them from their behaviour we can have a massive influence for years to come. What our children hear about themselves, what we say to and about our children becomes their inner voice for years to come.

We spend a lot of time talking to and about our children. Yet, how often are we telling them the good stuff, focusing on the positive aspects and focusing on what it is they are trying to achieve?

Here are some positive sentences that you can use:


• You are so loved

• I love being your mum

• You are valuable to us

• I trust you

• I love to hear you laugh

• Your sister/brother is blessed to have you

• You are such an amazing sister/brother

• You are not this behaviour, you are way more that that 

• I see you and you are beautiful and kind

• You are so loveable

• I am so happy to be your friend

• I will always love you no matter what

• I always have your back

• I am committed to you 100%

• I love you

• I really like you

• You make me laugh

• You are my favourite teenager in the whole world

• You are my favourite boy/girl

• You can do anything you set your mind on

• I believe in you

• You are so skilled at….

• You have an amazing mind

• You have such a big heart

• You are a great healer

• Your body is really good at healing itself

• You’re so patient

• You’re such a good sharer

• You’re really thoughtful

• I really appreciate all that you do around the house, thank you 

• You’re a great boy/girl

• I am here for you no matter what

• You are such a good listener

• You are really strong

• You are so intelligent

• I know you make the right choices

• You’re really good at that

• You are a great leader

• You are such a good big/little sister/brother



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